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Promotional codes are exclusive codes given out by Cindering on Twitter or the game's Discord server for events in relation to the game. When redeemed, they will often reward something for in-game use, such as credits or gems.

List of codes

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Please do not ask for more codes. Roblox High School 2 developers only reveal main codes on Twitter, the game's Discord server, and through followed game notifications.

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Code Revealed Reward Availability
GRANDOPENING Game notification 100 Gems Expired
SpecialDay Twitter, Discord 250 Credits Expired
RHS2ad Roblox advertisement 250 Credits Available
HappyNewYear Twitter, Discord 219 Credits Expired
NewBeginning Twitter, Discord 250 Credits Expired
OnTheGrind Twitter, Discord 2-hour Job Credits boost Expired
StarOfTheShow Twitter, Group 500 Credits Expired
BeautyOfArt Twitter, Discord 500 Credits Expired
Discord20k Discord 100 Gems Expired
NEWCARS Discord 500 Credits Expired
CUSTOMIDS Discord 600 Credits Expired
RHS2DISCORD Discord Blurple (Universal skin for vehicles) Active
SUPERSTAR Discord 777 Credits Expired
MACANDCHEESEDAY Discord Mystic Max and Cheese Expired
GRADUATION Twitter, Discord 1000 Credits Active